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UGC®:Ultimate Grip Concept


UGC® is Viking's unique sole technology. It is designed and developed to give perfect grip in rough terrain and on wet and slippery surfaces. Hiking in the Norwegian mountains you need footwear you can rely on. With Viking's UGC® you are guaranteed to have a safe and care-free outdoor experience.

A soft rubber mixture of 60 shore creates the foundation. Soft rubber, stability and shock absorption – these are the three primary factors that determine how our UGC® sole works.

Not only are they key factors, the main forces exerted to a shoe work within these frames – creating and relying on one thing:grip.

Today UGC® covers a wide range of topographies, terrains and varying climate conditions. UGC® can be used for high or low performance. Still, a hunting and trekking boot will have other characteristics when compared to a trailwalking and hiking shoe/boot. They require different flexibility.

UGC® can also be adapted to fit wet and snowy conditions.



Viking’s rubber mixture with a softness of 60 shore for maximum grip and durability


A recessed torsion bar for extra grip when this part of the sole impacts against rocks, roots and slippery surfaces


Lugs placed in different directions provide grip, traction and braking power at all conceivable angles and in all types of terrain


Asymmetrical lug pattern that also provides good drainage

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