About Viking

Our journey started on the 17th January 1920. Our founding father, Peter Mathias Røwde, started making rubber products to combat the harsh Norwegian climate. In fact, the very first product we made was perfect for battling rain, snow and wet conditions:the classic rubber boot. It was used by fishermen, foresters, farmers and explorers of many kinds. They walked through mud, stood steady on rocks and rambled through cold winter days. Soon, the secret about Viking was common knowledge.


Since then we’ve developed new footwear technology of our own and collaborated with the best experts around the world. Today we have products that cover the wide variety of landscape and regions Norway has to offer. New materials and production methods have allowed us to create footwear that takes you even further. GORE-TEX® is the membrane we use together with durable leather or textiles. New polymers are another; we create waterproof boots that stay warm and dry. You can trace all of this back to 1920. We decided on a fundamental idea:If it works here, it’ll work anywhere. Today you’ll find our products on both the highest mountain summit and in the kindergarten. Performance Outdoor and Everyday Outdoor have one thing in common:the Norwegian lifestyle.

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